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    Started in 2000, Maveric Systems helps global banking and fintech leaders drive business agility through effective integration of development, operations and quality engineering initiatives. Our strong banking domain competency combined with expertise across legacy and new age technology landscapes makes us a preferred partner for customers worldwide.

    Why Maveric Systems

    At Maveric, we are looking at creating strategic differences across the IT lifecycle by being domain focused and technology centric. Our services across digital, data, compliance and core banking areas enable clients to drive business agility and velocity.

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    Software Testing and Quality Assurance Service for Business Applications – Maveric Systems

    Data Services

    Customer data gleaned across channels provide banks actionable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and demographics, thereby helping them move towards the next phase in customer engagement through hyper personalization. Banks have realised that data is their biggest asset; however, the rise in access channels, proliferation of online and social media hubs, have led to availability of unprecedented amount of data. Adopting a time tested data management approach is imperative for banks to handle and utilize their ever growing data and realise business benefits.

    Core Banking Services

    Ever-changing customer needs, increasing competition, regulatory enforcements, and complex business environments have been forcing banks to take a closer look at their core systems. In a marketplace dominated by exceptional customer experience, the ability or inability of a core system to keep pace with the changes mandated by the customer facing applications marks the difference between success and failure.

    Compliance services

    The advent of digital, emergence of financial technology players, and rapid adoption of new age technologies have been changing the banking landscape like never before. Banks no longer remain in a secluded environment like before, but have opened their doors to integrate multiple players in the financial ecosystem with an aim to drive not only innovation & customer delight, but also speed, efficiency, and economy.

    Quality Engineering services

    The adoption of Agile methodology and the shift-left approach have become a reality with regard to today’s technology programs. The accent on quality and velocity are so high these days that they demand a very different approach to technology programs from what has been historically and conventionally followed. We, at Maveric Systems, having been in the forefront of Quality Assurance, advocate an integrated approach for such programs.

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    Recorded Webinar – Where are you in the road to Agility and Continuous Integration ? A QA perspective

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