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How to select the best digital transformation consulting firms?

According to the reports in leading business journals, almost fifty percent of all the business organizations in the world have undergone digital transformation today. There are a various factors behind this positive change embraced by business organizations. The major reason is definitely the impetus provided by the governments of almost all the developed as well as developing countries.

However, the high demand of digital transformation services has resulted in an unforeseen phenomenon. The cost of getting even a small business process digitally transformed has increased manifold. As a result, the small and medium businesses are finding it very difficult to go for digital transformation. In this regard, the governments of many developing nations have decided to take the necessary steps and directed the banks to lend loan support to the small and medium enterprises so that they can digitally transform themselves.

In the developed countries, most business organizations are looking to hire digital transformation consulting firms which operate in the developing countries. The main reason behind this is the lower cost of services demanded by the digital transformation consulting firms in of developing nations such as India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Nevertheless, the organizations looking forward to digital transformation should also ensure that the digital transformation consulting firm they are hiring also provides the service of pre-installation testing. The total cost of the service would increase if testing is included in the package but getting the system thoroughly tested is important from the perspective of data security and system stability. If a digital transformation consulting firm refuses to assist you in pre-installation testing, you must look for another firm which promises to do so.

There is another strategy you can think about – hire a testing agency, and make the digital transformation consulting firm and the testing agency work in close collaboration. This strategy might not prove to be much cost effective, but performance wise, you might be on the winning side as both the service firms would be specialized in their domains. Moreover, you would be able to keep control on both the firms separately and if you find that one of them is not working as expected, you can discontinue the service.

Another strategy you can follow is doing the testing of the business software yourself. This can be done by forming an internal team consisting of IT professionals and providing them all kinds of resources required for testing. This strategy would definitely be cost effective and also provide you greater control on the testing activities. However, quality wise, you might be required to compromise a bit.

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